ProfilephotoMy name is Nathalia and I began this project in 2011. I was frustrated with my career. I had a 9-5 job that in reality was more like 8am till 10pm. I was in charge of projects that did not fit the ‘business as usual’. I was trying to view outside the box and looking to the long term. It was my job description but for somehow I kept stepping on corporative minefields, being pushed back by sceptical colleagues and finding my projects way too often parked at the same point.

Since then, I start focusing on finding alternatives and expanding my perspective on business and organisations. I’ve stumbled upon a bunch of people also pursuing new ideas, taking action and well, promoting change. My journey on entrepreneurship then begin. It took me to test ‘change’ in many aspects – from new careers and sectors to new cultures and countries. Entrepreneur Log is the product of lessons, critical thinking and business skills obtained along the way. It is also to connect with and help people interested in promoting change. It has been quite a ride so far. Feel free to join me in this process.