Disrupting Wall Street with Tech

Let’s talk about the challenges for disrupting conservative markets – such as Wall Street – with technology.

This is not about Wall Street itself (and its confusing procedures, dark pools and trading ‘gymnastics’). Here I am much more interest on the forgotten tangible aspect of technology, how developers and algorithms are exploring markets gaps, and ultimately about the challenge of disrupting establish markets with huge players and barriers.Book Insights-FlashBoys-BookCover

This is based on Flash Boys, a non-fiction book about what was happening on the backstage of Wall Street after
2009. It follows the efforts of a group of traders to understand how the technology and gaps within SEC rules were shaping the unfair advantage of high frequency traders. Their answer was to create a new model of stock exchange – dubbed as “A market that works for investors”.  (more…)

IUB#2: ‘Nothing’

What can we learn from nothing? New Scientist’s book compile curious studies and results coming from the concept of nothing.

Nothing_BookCoverAnti-matter, anaesthesia, superconductors, advanced calculus, placebo, wisdom teeth, male nipples, absolute zero. Some of the subjects of this book. In common, the concept of nothing, or the disruption of looking into things that are not quite there.

Isn’t it the principle of innovation – coming up with concepts that do not exist just yet? The book brings and interesting view of how humanity develop the concept of zero; and the barriers it faced in Europe. In this post, I will also explore this story’s parallels with the ‘modern’ clashes with Uber and taxis around the globe. (more…)

IUB#1: ‘An Astronaut’s Guide for Life on Earth’

IUB – Insights from Unexpected Books. Lessons about change and entrepreneurship from unconventional places. This week: insights from OUTER space

Chris Hadfield went to space. 3 times. He felt in love with the idea of becoming an astronaut when, at age of nine, watched the human first step on the moon. More than four decades later, he retired from NASA just after returning to Earth as the first Canadian commander of a mission to the International Space.

Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield

It seems simple and linear enough, right? Not really (as indeed reality often is). Making sense of his journey and lessons, Chris’ first person tale brings unexpected insights into reaching your big dream. Here are the favourite 4 insights for entrepreneurs learnt from his journey: (more…)