Businesses – and customers – do make political decisions

Business and politics seem to live in different worlds, or even antagonists: one linked to private initiative, professionalism, agility, ambition. The latter connected with public, bureaucracy, slowness, lack of management.

If one were Simba, the other would be Scar. If one were Sherlock, the other would be Moriarty. Ok, ok, you got it.

Years of working and studying business, and the word ‘political’ barely made to my Marketing 101 lessons – in the format of PEST analysis). Even there, it appeared as an ‘external’ factor. Its effects can be huge on an enterprise, even though you as a business can have very few or no control over it. However, analysing the Lego versus Ai Weiwei case, I dare to ask. Can businesses refrain from making political decisions? (more…)