A brief tale of WE CAN

In the beginning (of the Western history, at least) God was on the centre of social life. Rules, moral code, hierarchy was governed by the Church and by the Bible.

But humanity was not satisfied. They questioned, they got furious, they got horny (outside the holy marriage) and change come on Church’s way.

Inevitable, humans took the centre of stage. The moral code shifted away from the religious credo and became much more reliant on human needs – and their comfort, of course.

But not all had such power or their needs (again, comfort) fulfilled. This ‘new’ centre became populated by those who controlled the access to info, to money, to education, to media, to decisions, to regulations, to …. (fill the blanks).

Again, humanity was not satisfied. They questioned, they got furious, they got horny (outside the holy heteronormative / monogamy thing) and change come on the Privileged way.

Human pride took over technology and broke the rules. Better, the access of those who made the rules. You want news, media, education, power. Here they are, for (somewhat) free, just few clicks away.

No, they may not even realised that they could not get to the centre. Because they have exploded the centre and replaced it for a far better idea: WE CAN.

Although the idea of CAN is not new, the definition of WE is.

WE can be entrepreneurs, anorexics, plus size, female, feminist, sexists, terrorists, gays, polygamous, ginger hair, clones, vegans, to name just a few. Yes, we reach the era of Networks.

Nowadays, more than ever, it is about who you know, which kind of access you have. Nowadays, more than ever, is not only a matter to be close to the centre, but understanding which centre is that.

With tailor-made content specially to your habits and web patterns, with ads and suggestions based on what you are (or were yesterday), you are much more likely to be confine on a cluster of ideas, people and views. Moral codes, social rules, habits, role models are constantly changing and adapting – together with and by the action of these definitions of WE. They are swapping and interacting among themselves, shaping new ways, and new questions. Intangible, those aspects can navigate much faster than people and societies ever will.

Disruptions and clashes are becoming the norm. People lose the sight that, by living in different spheres, their influence and morals are not entirely applicable to the next one – even though the new cluster member lives in your own street, share your food or your family name, or love your pet as much as you do. No, people are no longer divided by blood, genome, hair colour, skin colour, gender, sex, class, nationality or citizenship. It is all about who do you think WE are.

And then, the humanity take another leap towards the future, despite humans and their conscious actions. Humans, with their limited and habituated brain (in the sense of being built on old concepts and mechanisms), can only be pushed forwards – even if they will struggle, hurt and get hurt along the whole way.

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