What I learned writing successful bids for grants

Horizon 2020 and Innovate UK logos

Grants are very valuable for SMEs and small business. You can get the needed cash inflow to push your project or product further. You won’t have to pay back or give out part of your equity, even if the project is not successful or even achievable. The biggest challenge: they are highly competitive and making your message stand out is paramount.

Having successfully obtained grants for SMEs on the Horizon 2020 (SME Instrument) and SMART Awards (Innovate UK), I list below some tested lessons to increase your chances on these processes. (more…)

IUB#1: ‘An Astronaut’s Guide for Life on Earth’

IUB – Insights from Unexpected Books. Lessons about change and entrepreneurship from unconventional places. This week: insights from OUTER space

Chris Hadfield went to space. 3 times. He felt in love with the idea of becoming an astronaut when, at age of nine, watched the human first step on the moon. More than four decades later, he retired from NASA just after returning to Earth as the first Canadian commander of a mission to the International Space.

Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield

It seems simple and linear enough, right? Not really (as indeed reality often is). Making sense of his journey and lessons, Chris’ first person tale brings unexpected insights into reaching your big dream. Here are the favourite 4 insights for entrepreneurs learnt from his journey: (more…)

A brief tale of WE CAN

In the beginning (of the Western history, at least) God was on the centre of social life. Rules, moral code, hierarchy was governed by the Church and by the Bible.

But humanity was not satisfied. They questioned, they got furious, they got horny (outside the holy marriage) and change come on Church’s way.

Inevitable, humans took the centre of stage. The moral code shifted away from the religious credo and became much more reliant on human needs – and their comfort, of course.

But not all had such power or their needs (again, comfort) fulfilled. This ‘new’ centre became populated by those who controlled the access to info, to money, to education, to media, to decisions, to regulations, to …. (fill the blanks).

Again, humanity was not satisfied. They questioned, they got furious, they got horny (outside the holy heteronormative / monogamy thing) and change come on the Privileged way. (more…)